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Firearm Selection
Ammunition Selection for the New Hunter
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MDC Virtual Nature Center


Join our experienced firearms instructors as we take you through a common-sense approach to choosing the right firearm for you.
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For hunters who use firearms to harvest game, selecting an appropriate hunting ammunition is essential. For new hunters, this can be daunting task. The purpose of this series is to provide new hunters with the basic knowledge they need to make an informed decision when purchasing a firearm, hunting ammunition, and optics. This second program in the series will cover the difference between target ammunition and hunting ammunition; different calibers, cartridges, and bullet types for rifles and handguns; different gauges, shot size, and shot materials in shotgun shells; the difference between toxic and non-toxic shot and when to use them; which ammunition is legal, ethical, and practical for different hunting activities; and how to find the right hunting ammunition for you and the hunting you plan to do. Jordan M Poe


Greene County Farm Road 61 s/o US Hwy 160 2.5 miles.

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