Shared Forests - Shared Birds
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Runge Conservation Nature Center
330 Commerce Dr.
Jefferson City, MO 65109
(573) 526-5544
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Each year, millions of birds migrate to and from their breeding and wintering grounds and have been doing so for tens of thousands of years. This not only includes the great raptor migration where these high-soaring birds make it all the way to South America, but also enormous numbers of Passerines who call the forests of Mexico and Central America their home, some for up to eight months. In Central America, Honduras likely harbors some of the largest concentrations of migrant Passerines that arrive from across the North American continent. Join us to hear from Robert Gallardo, creator of “Guide to the Birds of Honduras” and newly published “Guide to the Butterflies of Honduras” Saturday, Nov. 25 at the Runge Conservation Nature Center. During this informative and visual presentation, we will take a look at the Honduran landscapes, see how important it is to conserve the wintering grounds for Nearctic-Neotropical migrants, and make the connection to the breeding birds in Missouri. No registration required. All ages. This program is sponsored by the Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation. Becky Matney