Corvid Art Display by Catherine Eaton Skinner
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Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center
11715 Cragwold Rd
Kirkwood, MO 63122
(314) 301-1500
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Corvids: crows and ravens are very intelligent and curious birds. Encountered in many mythologies: significant to shamans, they speak from the other world; as tricksters, they carried light to the indigenous peoples; often, they play a role in creation stories; they guard souls on journeys to other worlds. Their perspective of height and the capacity of breadth allow them to quickly message patterns of change. As a multidisciplinary artist, I am committed to a curious mind, learning from nature and the elements of water, earth, air, wind, and fire. My work encompasses sculpture, paintings, and photography, oftentimes using a combination of media: beeswax, resin, and oil; stones an wood; lead sheeting, wire, and precious metals; textiles; collected papers, found objects, cast bronze and glass. The historical reverence for the power and sacredness of earth spans our cultural memory. We live in a chaotic world. It is difficult to feel a part of the whole with the loss of balance and control: personally, politically, and spiritually. When we become still and silent, we may then listen to the past, the present and the future. Hopefully, we will continue to find ways to understand and bond, not only to our environment, but most importantly, to each other. Catherine Eaton Skinner 2022 Shelly Colatskie