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CBCA Sunflower Photo Contest
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Columbia Bottom Conservation Area
801 Strodtman Rd.
Saint Louis, MO 63138
(314) 877-6019
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Don’t just wake up and smell the flowers, take pictures of them too! Columbia Bottom Conservation Area is known for its yearly sunflower fields and to highlight their massive bloom, MDC is offering the chance to win sunflower-related prizes when you participate in our sunflower photo contest. The contest itself is open from July 15th until August 15th, during any photos of the CBCA sunflowers you take and post on social media with the tag #ColumbiaBottomSunflowers will be automatically entered into the contest. The pictures MUST include at least one Columbia Bottom sunflower but can contain anything else as well- wildlife and humans alike. Any number of photos may be submitted by any one person. Just remember not to hurt the sunflowers while taking pictures! Weekly selections will be offered smaller prizes and grand prizes will be chosen from those weekly selections following the end of the contest. Winners will be contacted through their social media accounts and be given 48 hours to accept their prize. All prizes relate to sunflowers! Winning pictures may possibly be printed out and posted near the visitor center (currently closed). MDC photographers offer the following tips to help create the best photos. Try going during the early morning, or later into the evening. The light is usually much better during these times than the harsher, midday sun. Soft, cloudy days can also make for some pleasing light. Don’t forget to fill the frame with your subject—close-up photos tend to be much more engaging that subjects seen from a distance. Consider pulling out a macro or closeup lens. There are amazing details to be discovered in the sunflowers, and a host of tiny and cool insects and pollinators. Capture fun or off-beat poses with yourself, family, and friends. And finally, be creative and don’t be afraid to experiment. August Wise