Having a "Hoot" learning about Missouri's owls
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Andy Dalton Shooting Range
4897 N. Farm Road 61
Ash Grove, MO 65604
(417) 742-4361
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CANCELLED!! CANCELLED!! Looking for a “hoot” of a good time? Do you want to learn about Missouri’s owls? This program is for you! These wonderful nocturnal birds of prey liven up in the winter months. The great horned, barred, barn, and screech owls all play an important role in the ecosystem. Come see mounted specimens and help improve their survival by constructing owl nesting boxes! The workshop will include: - Construction of owl nesting boxes. - Common owls of Missouri – their habitat, role in the ecosystem, and adaptations. - Learn owl sounds and what they are communicating with their calls. - Learn numerous facts about these stealthy, silent flyers. (Like that they can rotate their heads 270 degrees.) - Dissection and investigation of owl pellets MDC educators Jeff Cantrell and Lyle Whittaker are partnering with Rhonda Renner, MDC Natural History Biologist, to host this hands-on and interactive owl program. The exact number of owl nesting boxes we will construct will be determined by the number of participants. Families are welcome, children under 15 years of age will need to be accompanied by an adult. The program is Free, any questions should be directed to Lyle Whittaker 417-895-6880 ext. 1644 LYLE D WHITTAKER


Greene County Farm Road 61 s/o US Hwy 160 2.5 miles.