Nature Art
Missouri, Naturally by Dave Carter
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Runge Conservation Nature Center
330 Commerce Dr.
Jefferson City, MO 65109
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Come view Missouri, Naturally paintings in our lobby by artist Dave Carter, during the months of March and April. Artist’s Statement “Nature is a revelation of God; Art is a revelation of man”. This Henry Wadsworth Longfellow quote effectively describes the two paths my artwork has traversed these past few years. On the one hand I enjoy producing traditional paintings of land and seascapes, portraits, and wildlife—surface considerations of what is pleasant to the eye and comforting to the spirit. On the other hand I am moved by a desire to produce larger, abstracted works of strident colors and bold design—efforts to tickle the eye and stimulate the soul with something unexpected. The “job” of the visual artist is to react and respond to any and all aspects of existence as it appears materially, as it is experienced rationally/intuitively, and as it is discerned metaphysically. None of these very different approaches to depiction is superior to the others. As a culture, we need all of them to maintain a balance of familiar expectations, exploratory comprehension, and adventurous surprise. Runge Staff