Hallway Exhibits Nature Series: "Warblers!"
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Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center
11715 Cragwold Rd
Kirkwood, MO 63122
(314) 301-1500
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Since 1996, Margy Terpstra and her husband, Dan have worked together to remove invasive plants, restore their half-acre property in Kirkwood with beautiful Missouri natives and add water features, all for the benefit of wildlife. They named their yard/ conservation garden “Shady Oaks Sanctuary”. Margy has documented 149 species of birds there, including 35 warbler species. With nicknames like “Fire-throat” and “Swamp Candle”, Margy anticipates the arrival of these tiny neotropical songbirds in spring and photographs them in Shady Oaks as they feed, drink, bathe and rest. This exhibit called “Warblers!” includes Margy’s images of 29 different species, several of which are rare and of high conservation concern. Visit the Terpstras’ website and blog: Shelly Colatskie